TLB Nutrition Therapy

The registered dietitians at TLB Nutrition Therapy strive to provide individualized nutrition care for those wanting to heal their relationship with food and their bodies. Our goal is to move clients on this food and body journey through evidenced based principles, individualized assessments, and non-judgmental practices that focus on the specific individual and their needs. We believe in providing access to all races, sizes, gender preferences, ethnicities and socioeconomic status levels.

Our non-diet approach to the food and body relationship allows us to assist clients in moving from a disordered or confused way of eating and interacting with their bodies to a peaceful place. We strive to assist clients to develop a mindset where they can fully embrace their food choices, trust their body communication and explore fun ways to move their body. Through embracing, trusting and exploring their bodies we know that true freedom can be the client’s future.

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2520 Longview Street unit 211, Austin, TX, USA

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