Frequently Asked Questions

You can make changes to your group roster at any time. The group owner (creator of the group account) should log in to EDRDpro.comDirections on how to edit your roster are available on a tutorial video here.


* Scroll up to the top and click Account.

* On the account page scroll down to Subscriptions.

* Under your subscription you’ll find the number of members you have for your membership. Click the sub accounts button.

* From here you can view the sub accounts (i.e. the roster members of your group).

* Click Add Sub Account and fill out the information requested to add a new member.

* Use the checkbox marked Send NEW Members the Welcome Email if you want to send a welcome email to the new member with the info about how to login to their new sub account.

* Once you have invited your members you’ll see their information on your sub account screen including how often they login to the site. To remove a member click the Remove button.

All group memberships are active for 12 months and renew automatically after 12 months. You will receive an email to check in at least 2 weeks prior to renewal as a reminder.

At this time, please contact EDRD Pro to increase the size of your group and ensure you are charged the correct pro-rated renewal cost.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, email [email protected].